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Slovakia is a landlocked country situated in Central Europe. It borders with the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria. It has over 5 million people and beautiful natural heritage, rich in flora, fauna and forests. The occurrence of natural thermal and mineral springs makes it a frequent destination for wellness enthusiasts.

Slovakia has some of the greatest number of castles in Europe. 18 Slovak towns were designated as protected urban monument reserves and cities Bardejov, Levoča and Banská Štiavnica are in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Slovakians are renowned for their folk music, good wine and gourmet specialty - bryndzové halušky.


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Bratislava is the largest and also the capital city of Slovakia. It's situated on two sides of the river Danube.

You will find many cultural and architectural landmarks such as Bratislava Castle, Devin Castle, Academia Istropolitana building, the Gothic St. Martin's Cathedral, Old Town Hall from 14th to 15th century, Michael's gate from 14th century and more.

Bratislava is currently experiencing great boom, thanks to the fact that it's part of exceptional triangle of the capital cities Bratislava-Vienna-Budapest, which has Europe's biggest growth potential. Visitors to Bratislava include tourists, businessmen and investors who are attracted to the delights of an ancient and unexplored city and its lively atmosphere.

Bratislavais a city of young people, with its eight universities and 60,000 students. Find out for yourself by seeing the town during the evening. Enjoy the many pubs, stylish cafes, restaurants, clubs and bars on offer.

It is worth experiencing the unique atmosphere ofBratislava- the city that is easily accessible from most European cities with Eurolines buses.

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High Tatras

High Tatras is the highest mountain chain in Slovakia, situated in the north of the border with Poland. The alpine character of the Tatras boasts 25 peaks above 2500m above sea level. Around the Karst lakes it was the movement of water millions of years ago that formed the many caves containing dripstone (stalactites and stalagmites).


Kosice is the capital city, it is located in the eastern part of Slovakia. The city is known for hosting the oldest European and second oldest World's marathon - Kosice Peace Marathon (founded in 1924)