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Serbia has always straddled the East and Europe, not only in geographical sense, but also politically and culturally. An opulent blend of history where different civilisations were born and mixed together architecture and culture which is part of European Cultural Heritage and entertainment awaits for you in Serbia.


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Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and the third largest city in south-eastern Europe after Istanbul and Athens. It has a population of 17000000 people, and is described as the city of youth.

The Belgrade Fortress is a museum of history, where you can observe the passage of time, Skadarlia- the old bohemian quarter of Belgrade, National Museum, building of the National Assembly, Temple of St Savaare the buildings with its unique architectural composition.

In 2009 Belgrade was the host of Summer Universiade, with 126 participating countries. Belgrade is also applying for the title of European Capital of Culture 2020. Judging by "Lonely Planet" 2010, Belgrade has the best nightlife in Europe.

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