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It's not a fairy-tale - the happiest people in Europe are living in Denmark according to a Forbes survey! Situated on a large peninsula in Northern Europe, the Kingdom of Denmark borders Germany and the Baltic Sea.

The strong social system, the simple and a joyful life makes Denmark, the smaller of the four Scandinavian countries one of the best places on earth to live.


Eurolines coach to copenhagen
Copenhagen, the Danish capital, is situated on Zealand, the largest island of the kingdom of Denmark. It is connected to Malmö in Sweden via the Öresund Bridge.

The city's landmark sits on a stone in the harbour: the inconspicuous statue of the Little Mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale with the same name. The castle Christiansborg serves as the house of parliament, while the Danish queen resides in the castle Amalienborg.

The famous Tivoli opposite the central station is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Both shopping streets together, Stroget and Straedet, are one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe.

And remember the Copenhageners love their bikes and using them for any occasion like going to work, party or shopping. Copenhagen has more bikes than inhabitants, so it proudly carries its title, Bike City.

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