Travel green with Eurolines coaches

Coach travel : the most environmentally friendly form of transport

Due to environmental awareness, travelers are turning to more eco-friendly forms of transportation.
By choosing coach instead of plane or train, travellers can make a huge net saving in greenhouse gas emissions.

"Coachs pollute less than cars, trains, planes and meets the requirements of sustainable development" says the Fédération Nationale des Transports de Voyageurs (FNTV).

Compare the carbon generated by dfifferent modes of transport with our "Eco-comparator" 

Eurolines offers to its passengers a device to compare  the carbon generated by different modes of transport.
Calculations of this eco-comparator reflects the actual impacts of your travel on the environment, whether you choose a Eurolines coach, a plane or a car. Regardless your destination, Eurolines is the least polluting mode of transportation per passenger carried.

Traveling from Paris to London with Eurolines generates 4.87 less carbon than traveling by car, and 9.43 less carbon than traveling by plane.